Conducting Chaos

from by Suffering and Sandwich



I know this
I've done it a million times
And you know what's piss?
The fountain your town depends upon

It's ultra-sterile in creation
Far more pure than cadavers and feces chilling out
In political excremation

Enriching nature with monetized nectar of the earth
Pricetags, three's a lucky bunch
But there must be more

We did away with the dreams of the sun in cold reality
Children died, parents cried
No one came out very pleased

Your love
Marching on in throes of destiny
These children gone down well in golden soups
Your love
I've found is a bitter mistress that can't dull the pain
Come crashing down in feats of distress
Perverted and pressed for nothing more than her
Self dives, self dives over penny clouds
Self hides, self hides, behind rhetoric sentiments

Fun is free!

I retort, and proclaim it useless
Mumbling mouth stuffed, their pockets filled
Me and the machine, we're one
I don't want my fingers dirty anymore

We're fake
Like anyone self-proclaimed a saint
An entrecote or a hundred buns?
Well, I had a fucking tough day at work so...

Die! Starve! We care so much more about luxury
Die! Starve! can't bring ourselves to look at the mirror

Our love
Filled to the brim for us alone
So we point a finger at our agents
Our love
I've found is an ex-mistress with a finger up your ass
Fall down to feats of distress
We're so perverted and so collectively fucked into bliss
Dreaming days away as to not kill the saint within
While I download updates for my Epple Nyakbook
Put together for the lucky pig
That's you

Fall down, fall down with me into Ego Hell
Fall down with me into self-conscious villainry
Fall down, fall down with me into Ego Hell
Fall down with me into self-conscious villainry


from Conducting Chaos, released June 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Suffering and Sandwich Bergen, Norway

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